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New business

I also provide speed of the prototype of every part including the interior parts such as two of them, household appliances, exterior parts, function parts from the modeling of the 3D shape to production by the orientation with the customer precisely and, including motor parts, cope.

Main products

Prototype parts, single item product, small lot mass production parts, simple-type die, All types jig, kengu
I make full use of the latest machine and technique to match the request of the customer and produce a high-quality trial product in a short term. In addition, in production, I suggest the most suitable method by the number of the kind and the production of parts, a purpose.


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SOAP EXCEPTION: Err: Licence not valid Msg: Licence is expired

Motor parts

If produce the end products such as the special order product of one article of thing, a little industrial goods, replacement parts with 3D printer directly, the production process of the model unnecessarily.
I make a cost cut and shorten production lead time and can deliver the number that a customer needs timely.

Jig, inspection jig

It is demanded the multi-kind of the jig to use the multi-kind small lot of the product for with becoming it in the production spot from becoming it. The 3D printer can produce a jig on a short deadline, an addition mechanic can cope with changing it flexibly. Because the complicated shape and lightweighting are easy, it leads to improvement of the productivity.
Receive; a jig
Examination for one piece of article jig
130 degrees Celsius heat resistance examination jig

A characteristic and molding materials of the molding machine

I express the comparison between new molding airplane and old molding machine. In addition, the materials deal with CB50, PPS about the new molding machine from a problem of contaminating it mainly. (cf. list shown below)

Molding machine the old and the new

New molding machine RaFaElIIplus300-HT

Old molding machine EOSINT P380

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