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Hiring main points | Machine design

Recruitment release date: 2022-08-01

Employment system

Regular employee

The type of jobMachine design
Hiring contents
[work contents]
Design, modeling "such as car imposition equipment, the jig for body gauge" prototype production
※Used software: Catia V5/CADmeister (Kisosaki factory)
※Used software: Think Design (Gunma Office)
[requirements for application]
・Those who until around 35 years old ※To plan the long-term carrier formation of the young group
・CAD experienced person priority (even as for the inexperienced person, possible) or those who with the will studying
※ Normal car license

Monthly salary 172,000yen308,000yen

(I decide age, experience by our regulations after consideration.)

BonusTwice a year (July, December)
Raise in salaryOnce a year (April)
Other benefitsDependency allowance (the first: 17,000 yen, two or three eyes: 3,000 yen, the fourth: 1,000 yen) housing allowance (10,000 yen)
Incentive bonus (0-10,000 yen)
The commutation allowance actual expenses (there is the upper limit. To every month 26,000 yen)
Working hours8:15-17:00 (break 45 minutes)
Holiday, vacationAnnual holiday 118 days/five-day working week (with Saturday and Sunday/we calendar) year-end and New Year/summer holidays /GW/ paid vacation/congratulations or condolence vacation
Service, welfare programThere is employment/workmen's accident/health/public welfare/worker's property accumulation system/eye corporate pensions fund/second life support retirement bonus system (with 2 years or more of consecutive working experience)
Work location

Cape Kiso factory MieKuwana-gunKisosaki-cho

Gunma Office GunmaOta-shiFukuzawacho

Special remarksThere is a term of trial (three months condition)
Selection methodDocuments examination (resume (photograph pasting)), interview
Submission documentsResume, curriculum vitae, medical examination questionnaire
The hiring number of peopleA few name
Company nameFuji Seimitsu Kougyou Co., Ltd.
RemarksKisosaki factory
TEL.0567-68-2961 (person in charge: Kono)
Please feel free to contact the questions.
 Application form is this
[Kisosaki factory] TEL.0567-68-2961
(person in charge: Kono)
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