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Company history

November, 1964
It is founded at 2-18, Hamadacho, Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi
It is taken office as a representative director Takaaki Tanaka
January, 1967
It is merged with Ito Tekkosho and expands the machinery division
June, 1971
It becomes the Atsuta Corporation report excellence corporation
I take office as Director of corporation society
May, 1978
I relocate the factory to Kisosaki-cho, Kuwana-gun, Mie entirely
April, 1984
I start NC processing by the CAD-CAM installation
October, 1989
I carry out third-party allocation of shares and am new capital stock 45 million yen
November, 1992
As an assembling try place of the line thing, I enlarge western factory in Kisosaki factory
March, 1993
MC (I introduce five large-scale processing machine) large-scale for manufacturing section strengthening
June, 1997
The site acquisition for the Kisosaki second factory
September, 2004
CATIA installation
November, 2004
Three-dimensional laser processing machine installation
December, 2004
Kisosaki second factory completion
June, 2008
Three-dimensional measuring instrument installation
September, 2008
The Kisosaki factory ISO14001 certification acquisition
April, 2012
Gunma Office establishment
September, 2016
Kisosaki factory ISO14001 return
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